Video Poker: Deuces Wild

Video Poker: Deuces Wild

Video Poker: Deuces Wild - A Beginner’s Guide

Deuces Wild is one of the hundreds of different poker variations that are played around the globe. Being one of the most popular and best-known casino games in the world, there are plenty of different variations on the traditional poker game. In some games, you are pitted against the dealer and the other players. In other games, your main aim is to get the best hand possible. In Deuces Wild, the focus is this: to get the best hand that you can. However, there’s a minor twist that you should know about before you start to play: all of the deuces act as a “wild” card. Simply put, this means that if you have a pair of kings and a deuce on hand, you will actually end up with three kings of the same kind. The deuce will also count as the king.

So how do you play Deuces Wild? First, insert credits in the game and then select the credits you want to use. Then you just press the button that says “deal” in order to get the game underway. The machine will show you the first of five cards and you get the option to hold as many cards as you would please. This means that in the next betting round, the cards won’t be changed. Once you have chosen the cards, all you have to do is press the Deal button again to get the game underway.

The Rules

There are specific rules that you must keep in mind when playing Deuces Wild. First of all, the Deuces Wild uses only a single deck of 52 cards. This eliminates the chance that you would get multiple cards of a similar denomination, or suit. Furthermore, due to the fact that it only uses a single deck, it provides a fair chance of winning. After you are done playing a hand, the deck will be reshuffled on its own. As mentioned, all of the deuces act as wild cards. This means that they will be counted the same as the cards that benefit you the most.

There are two rounds that must be played for each game. In the first round, you will be shown your first five cards. You can choose the cards that you want to hold and move to the next round, which is known as the showdown round. The next round determines whether you win a reward or not.


The hand rankings generally vary, dependent on the rules of the casino at which you're playing at. It’s harder to win a prize when you are playing this iteration of the game. However, the number of payout methods is much larger, so if you love playing video poker, this is ideally one of the best options available. It’s a fantastic game that will keep you entertained for many hours. Most casinos also feature a variety of interactive graphics to keep people engaged and make it seem like a more realistic game.<.p>