More great news for you diehard online poker players. We are introducing our brand new “Bounty Tournaments” at! How does it work? Everyone in the tournament has a bounty on their head. It’s your job to knock them out! The more people you knock out, the more bounty rewards you win. It’s that simple. Buy in to a bounty tournament today and start being rewarded for knocking players out of the action.




Bounty per player

10pm ET

$3,000 GT

$6 + $0.60


8pm ET


$1.50 + $0.15


6pm ET

$5,000 GT

$10 + $1


4pm ET


$2 + $0.20


1pm ET

$1,000 GT

$3 + $0.30


Look for the "k" next to the tournament name!

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions:

  • The Knockout bounty tournaments are only available on specific tournaments.
  • All players will be required to pay their bounty when they enter the bounty tournament.
  • Only the player who wins the hand where another player is kicked out will win the bounty. Other players involved in the hand will not receive a bonus.
  • If more than one player wins the hand, each player will receive half of the kicked out players’ bounty. In order for a player to win under these circumstances, the player will need to have more chips than the losing player at the start of the hand.
  • The bounty is paid out as soon as the player is kicked out. If you do not receive the bounty within the hour, please contact . with the hand number.
  • If the player rebuys, the player who kicked them out will not receive the bounty on that hand.