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Should Cavaliers Trade Kevin Love?

Posted by Jay Sanin on 6/13/2016 3:09:09 AM

Cleveland find themselves in a world of trouble, down three games to one in the NBA Finals. With the odds against them, the Cleveland Cavaliers will have to start evaluating their future as there are a number of questions for them to answer if they want to take a step beyond their two straight NBA Finals losses to win a title. Chief among those questions will be what happens to Kevin Love, and whether or not Cleveland should trade him to look to build around LeBron James in a different way.

Kevin Love Not Fitting In

Kevin Love was believed to be the piece the Cavaliers needed to win titles when he was traded for after the acquisition of LeBron James. The Cavaliers gave up number one pick Andrew Wiggins to get him, and are probably regretting making that deal now that Love has been proven ineffective on the game's grandest stage, while the Cavaliers look like a team that is going to lose in the NBA Finals for the second straight season.

The reason that Love hasn't been a good fit in Cleveland is that his defense has been terrible to the point of needing to keep him off of the floor in big portions of games. Since returning to the floor after suffering a concussion in game two of this series, Love has come off the bench, as he has not been trusted to help the team in a starting role. With Cleveland being favored in their two home games that he hasn't started, it doesn't take an odds calculator to see that he is seen as a liability right now, and that trading him could help Cleveland get over the hump in the NBA Finals in the future.

American Basketball Betting

With the Cavaliers in a massive hole in the NBA Finals, the Warriors will be favored at home in the fifth and possibly final game of the series. Love and the rest of the Cavaliers will need to step up to beat the Warriors on the road if they want any chance to win this series, which will be an uphill climb to say the least given how well the Warriors are playing.


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