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How to Bet Live

Timing is of the essence, so they say. As leaders in the online gaming world, SportsBetting.ag has launched our groundbreaking Live Betting platform.

Live Betting is an interactive, user-friendly console, which utilizes avant-garde java and flash technology. This allows bettors to wager on constantly changing real-time odds all while the action is playing out in any sporting event. In other words, bettors can stay in the action well after the opening kick-off, first throw, starting whistle, drop of the puck, call to play, and bet accordingly, as the game/match/event unfolds in order to maximize profits.

It’s a unique experience, adding to the overall traditional online sports betting experience and it’s about time American bettors realize their first true live betting experience online. If you haven’t tried Live Betting, you don’t know what you are missing out on!

To get started simply follow the easy steps we have outlined here.

  1. Select Live Betting to the top left of the sportsbook page.

  2. Select the sports/event you wish to wager on.

  3. Select the side you wish to back and enter your wager amount.

  4. Click Submit to post your wager.

  5. Select My Wagers to view all pending wagers.

  6. Click Multi Event to view multiple events side by side.

  7. Click Calendar to view upcoming events.