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Developed and designed to make live betting on games as user friendly as possible, the Live Betting App will help you juice your bets, while the game is going on or help you hedge against a wager that might not look as solid as you thought. Either way, the Live Betting App is sure to add a valuable bullet to your machine gun betting arsenal!

Have you ever thought something like, “Man, I sure wish I could put a few bucks on Los Angeles right now after that run scored” then, you’re going to love the Live Betting App because that’s exactly what it allows you to do!

For instance, let’s say that you’re watching a game between Washington and Atlanta. In the second inning, Atlanta has a 5 run lead. If Live Betting is allowed on the game, you could decide to bet on Atlanta, as an example, at -4 -105. Or, if you believe that Washington is going to make a comeback, you could back Washington at +4.5 -115.

All of your bets can be made live while the game is actually occurring! How cool is that?

One of the real benefits of this is that sports bettors can literally decide to make a bet while they’re watching the game. It’s a big advantage to you, the gambler, because you can make split decisions based on single plays. Did New England’s quarterback and wide reciever hook up for a 50 yard pass that got you thinking of your bet on Pittsburgh to cover? No sweat! Log onto check out the Live Betting App and get your hedge bet down!

If you’re looking for a particular game, check out the Calendar tab at the top of the Live Betting App, make sure to check out the Today’s Events tab, and also check out the Event Details tab. All of the information that you need to plan your Live Betting is at your fingertips.

What are you waiting for? There might be a game going on right now. Don’t let the advantages of Live Betting get away from you. Log onto the site right now, check out the Live Betting games, and start using the Live Betting App!