The Basics of Craps

Craps is such a popular game nowadays that you can easily find the craps table even with a blindfold on. All you have to do is follow the cheers, shouts, and screams inside a casino, and you are bound to reach the craps table. When the dice are hot, the table becomes a hub for players to release emotions and showcase excitement. While some may say that the jackpot winners often shout the loudest, there’s really no other table in the casino that can match the atmosphere and the excitement that you find at the craps table.

On the other hand, if the dice are cold, you won’t find a more silent table in the casino than the craps table. It’s the fastest moving table at the casino, with more than 100 decisions made in an hour. That’s significantly higher than the maximum of 60 hands moved at the blackjack table. When you take into account the fact that many craps players have several bets going on at once, it’s easy to see why the craps table requires a significantly larger bankroll than other tables. With almost a hundred different wagering options available for you to choose from, craps gives you a lot of variety. However, only a handful of these options are worth your time.

The Table

If you are playing craps, the first thing you need to do is get familiar with the table and the personnel. Most tables nowadays have a double layout. Right at the center, you will find the boxman, who acts as a supervisor and collects cash received by the dealers. Standing in front of the boxman is the stickman, who is responsible for putting the dice back in the shooter and controlling the tempo of the game.

At the center, you will find several boxes that are there for making proposition bets. There are other areas for making hard-roll bets as well. On each side of the table, you will find a dealer who takes the bets, calls winners, and collects the bets that aren’t going to win. The players stand around these areas on the side. You will also see areas marked with signs that say “come” and “don’t come,” which are for bets placed during the middle of the game.

The Game

On the table, you will see a bar line that says “Field.” It’s a one-roll bet on which one of the seven numbers will turn up. The boxes with the numerical figures from 4 to 10 (excluding 7) are for a specific type of bet known as “buy” or “place” bets. These bets are made on whether the selected number will be brought up before another 7. The numbers six and nine are written out to avoid confusion, since players are usually standing on both sides of the table.

Understanding the betting system might take a little bit of time, so you will have to play a couple of rounds before you get the hang of the game. Once the dice rolls, you might hear weird statements such as “Winner seven!” or “Pay the don’t.” Both of them essentially mean the same thing: that a 7 was rolled and Pass line bets have lost while Don’t Pass bets have won. Craps is a game that requires you to play a few times before you can understand what’s going on.