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NFL Betting Odds & News is the premier spot to find the best NFL odds, with informative previews and tips to assist you on all NFL spread picks. We release the earliest lines just like an NFL Las Vegas experience would provide. Our articles will help you along your way during the entire season, starting with the NFL odds week 1 outlook and delivering through the postseason with NFL playoff predictions. Football fanatics can count on all year long to deliver news, trends and spreads to help you succeed with your NFL picks.

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  • What Michael Vick Brings to the Table

    Experience never hurts at quarterback, and that’s what the Pittsburgh Steelers were thinking when they added Michael Vick to their roster.

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  • Preseason Trends Shaping Up

    Most teams still have a couple of games left in preseason, but there are some interesting trends shaping up. Here’s what we know so far:

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  • Injuries, Suspensions Add Up

    Injuries and suspensions are piling up in the preseason, and this may have a real effect on some teams, at least for the first few games of regular play.

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  • To Some NFL Coaches Who Care About the Preseason

    To many NFL coaches the preseason represents a time to evaluate talent and hope your core players get out of the games without any major injuries. To a select few this time represents a chance to chalk up W's and to start to ingrain in their team the knowledge of how to win.

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  • NFL Teams with Best Third String Quarterbacks

    NFL Preseason betting involves backing coaches and riding experienced quarterbacks down the depth chart. These teams fulfill the second part of the equation with quarterbacks who are either looking for their first taste of glory or their return to the top.

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  • Preseason Openers: What We Learned

    The NFL preseason is more about learning than winning and losing. Here are a few things we learned after all of the teams made their debuts:

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