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  • Making a College Quarterback a Pro

    Around draft time, there was a debate about whether Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota would make the better NFL quarterback.

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  • How to Bet on Football

    Everyone wants to be part of the big game, and for years the big game in America has been football.

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  • NFL Jury Still Out on Rice

    A judge deems a guy who knocks his future wife cold deserves a $125 fine and counseling. Now we’ll see how lenient the NFL is.

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  • What’s in the Futures for Patriots

    One of the tricky things about betting futures is how the odds can change between the time you place your bet and when the event transpires.

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  • The NFL draft: The top and bottom dogs

    The NFL draft is fun to watch, marginally exciting, and it offers lots of emotional moments. It also offers hope for fans and their teams.

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  • Mariota Bests Winston on Wonderlic – 2015 NFL Draft Lines

    It’s been a grueling process for top NFL prospects Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston over the past few months. Their most recent examination, the Wonderlic test, may have shone more light on which QB will be taken No. 1 overall.

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