3 NBA Betting Tips To Help You Make Money

Three Keys To Betting The NBA Early On This Season

Posted by on 1/30/2014 7:55:33 AM

The month of October is winding down and among other things, that means NBA regular season basketball is right around the corner. While the majority of online sports betting players may have been busy betting on the NFL, MLB, and NHL over the past couple of weeks, the NBA presents a unique opportunity for players to make some serious money early on. Understanding the home advantage in the NBA, how teams match up against one another, and which teams are being overvalued and undervalued are the three keys to betting on the NBA, and the best opportunities to make some money usually present themselves in the first month of the season.

The reason for this is simple: The bookies haven’t seen what teams can do this year yet and base the early numbers largely on reputation and how teams fared the year before. This means those that pay attention to offseason moves and how they will enhance or hurt a team’s ability already have the upper hand on those making the odds. There are point spreads listed for almost every game early on in the NBA season, and the ability to properly evaluate each team presents opportunities for sports betting players to take advantage. Betting the Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs might seem easy, but understanding that the Brooklyn Nets have substantially improved while the Philadelphia 76ers have become substantially worse is the type of thing that will you expose some key lines.

Once you understand the value of a team, you can adjust based on the difference between playing at home and on the road. Although there has always been exceptions to the rule, the majority of NBA teams usually fare better at home than on the road every season, which is important to remember when making your sports betting picks. For example, the Washington Wizards finished last season 14 games below .500, as injuries and a young core held them back from competing for a playoff spot. However, the Wizards still posted a 22-19 record at home – three games better than .500. The reality is that while Washington wasn’t a very good team and was awful on the road, they actually won more games than they lost at home and that means there was good value at times during the year. The majority of NBA teams will fare better at home than on the road, so make sure to factor that in to your decision when betting on any game.

The final consideration to make is how teams match up against one another. For example, the Memphis Grizzlies might match up well against a team like the Golden State Warriors because of their size and defense, something we saw last year when they swept the three-game series against them. However, the Grizzlies didn’t match up nearly as well against the Denver Nuggets, a team that was able to match their size and defense while still being able to put up points on offense, something we saw when Memphis dropped three of four in that season series. Match ups, home court advantage, and the proper value of each team are the three things that should always be considered when betting the NBA, and understanding each of those three elements and how they will factor in to any given game is key to making the right predictions. 

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